On to Chapter Two ...
Where do I start?
and i am off!
Overall update
Meant to be
deep blue eyes
farewell party
short is good!
proof of a true neighborhood bar
a shop sign
Belinda and James invited us for dinner
my brother in law
ode to noses
shibuya guardian angels
お祭り omatsuri 2
お祭り omatsuri!
Badass van
Beginning the move
why I'll miss my job
Thinking of TT
I am in heaven
Another use of a blog!
Sample moblogging
one more
花火 Hanabi 2
花火 Hanabi
Fireworks tonight
I wanna be a cowgirl
New gardening technique
After Air
Kenny Dope @ Air
It was worth venting...
I neeeeeeed to vent!!!!!
this is what my thumb deserves
パニくらない (panikuranai), Don't Panic
Wakame (my cat) makes me laugh
dang, Tokyo is just a small town
Where it all started.
anyone get this?
@ a BBQ with Amy
bought a hat!
@ Laforet in Harajuku
more from niijima
We are going to Niijima
Forgot to post pics of views from the top of Roppongi Hills
Thank you Adam
The conference
First International Moblogging Conference @ SuperDeluxe
Laid back lounge in Ebisu
love hotel mobloggin'
The wonders of Akihabara
a bit late...
Matrix re-enactment
at home
I haven't forgotten
told ya!
ワーイ ワーイ!!
bullet train
my sweet tooth
*special* dates
New Shoji
Waku waku
Scenes on the way home from Shibuya
small world...
a street store in Shibuya
unhappy cat
Using this posting to show how it's done
on the way to Tokyo PC Users Meeting
Neighborhood Project
You know it's summer when
@ Morena
This is very cool
We need some fun, right?
@ Sputnik 2
First posting with GPS!
I know it's hard to tell
I was full but...
found cute little eatery in neiborhood.
more simul-blogging
We are addicted!
I did buy one of her paintings...
Gallery opening party@ Daikanyama
Bionic Mom
New garden
how many freaky earthquakes
@Enoki ... again
Before and after
the art of car parking
blogging while I donate blood
Mother's Day
Ayako goes to Sri Lanka
i despise crows
@ Depot in Nakameguro
Going to lunch
Just text
And I'm off to SF!
@ Nishkoyama's Morena
My first bowl
Tiny concert
Moda 2
@Tokyo's bloggers meetup
on the way to Moda
Like mother like daughter
Ramen in the wee hours
Arabian Nights 2
Waiting for the train
Fancy window displays from Aoyama.
No pic!
My poor camera
Depot n' Lonny
Ebisu from the 5th floor
Sri Lankan Dinner
Another small world reminder
More of my parents
Sakura viewing
The Reception
Dan and Yuko are now married!
Gettin' ready for Dan and Yuko's wedding
With my brother (in-law)
So many choices!
Techno Thai Lunch
isn't this cool
Hara Museum 2
@ Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Shinagawa
おはし ohashi
a live show @ Hachiko in Shibuya.
Trying to find a dress
guy I passed on my way home...
Friday 'n wine @ Enoki
proof of spring
this might be just for me...
My grandparents
Cemetery II
Family cemetery
11 more hours
Flew to HK for Dim Sum
and a homemade dinner
My Parent's House
@Nadine's Blog class
Update on cherry blossoms
pics on the way home
I can't believe this
@ Kouyo in Aoyama
ha ha
new cell post
Friday with Tatsuo
Lunch with colleagues
Right now...
Miss Busy Bee
My wish is...
new kind of soccer?
another day to work
spring in the supermarket
North Korea
Tokyo Blog Party
true moblog posting
must have been the awamori
Unabashedly about my cats
A bit of my neighborhood
Rice isn't just for eating
The Protest
Some art between protesting
US Embassy
Can't stay away from Enoki
Theater for 8
Family reunion
Brother & brother-in-law
Very random
SUI on Sat.
銭湯 Sento 2
銭湯 Sento 1
lunch at desk
Small house party
run in the neighborhood II
run in the neighborhood
I also met Kato-chan
and Kojo had the beat
Another night at Ruby Room
My oasis
Tokyo Movable Type Users Meetup
Perks of the job
A reunion
Mie Gyoren
mixed with the village doing its business
Hokkawa Onsen
just got in to a small fishing village
high tech contrast
Nishi Koyama warmth
Colorful Berkeley park
Choo choo in the hills
The best Thai brunch ever!
So I'm actually in SF, CA now...
and Tatsuo
Kojo the dj.
Kenji who makes videos.
Phillip singing
Went to Ruby Room
Everyone loves a beautiful sunset.This is from my living room.
a familiar view of にぎやか (nigiyaka) Shibuya.
Protesters walking down Omotesando
Santarchy in Tokyo?
You gotta love harajuku fashion...
A whole group of 'em
Kyoko saying hi
At Morena with Kyoko and regulars
Forgot to post this. Conversation @ Enoki.
I ate katsuo!
Chizuru Mama-san.
THE regulars...
going to enoki
my clandestine nocturnal activity.
a scene from home...
a bit of salsa @ booze & vinyl
My director & Ministry of Finance guest
hard 2 C but there is a xmas tree w/ office lights.
um, yeah, the food wasn't bad...
warning sign @ trainplatform
Perks of the job
Piles of files
View from my glass box
City cats in the night
w/ ayako @ french resto
new cell post
new cell post
snowy tokyo.
new cell post
new cell post
new cell post
new cell post
entry from cell
2 having fun...@vras
friday @ vras in shibuya
new cell shot
queen wakame
sunset from the plane
First live post
ginza at night