July 02, 2003

prep work...

Getting supplies @ Condomania in Harajuku. A tiny corner shop with offerings such as King Banana Flavored condoms and a six foot inflatable "punching penis."

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July 03, 2003

did i break anything?

if Muji made love hotels

they d be as boring as my flat!

Searching in Shinjuku

After walking through rain, trying to find a theme place - and I was imagining a funky cute place but all we saw were modern sleek "fashion hotels" that were like normal hotels (each lobby has room pics to see what the interior is like) - we found what looked like an old love hotel. And I mean old as in run down old. But we thought maybe they would have some theme rooms from like the 1970s, and eyeing the cheesy plastic flower display, we thought this place would have character. Sure enough, we walked into a room with a rumpled bed and used robes on the table. We thought that might be the theme...dirty used rooms! We just got another room that is clean and we'll romp around. But we might just warm up to a round 2. - Mie

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sexy spicy

before love hotel we need indian food.but i passed on the garlic nan this time...

must find really cool love hotel!

let s call all our friends...


ooops we messed up.just got back from dinner in kichijoji to discover it was all still going ahead!so instead we're posting from our "love shack"...


it's a challenge to spice things up - but i managed to uncover a lacy teddy


i want a jakkkuzziiiiiiii!


yoshi laughs at myattempt to look sexy while i deal with an uncomfy g-string

July 04, 2003


actually it's pretty comfy being at home...plus we know exactly who has slept in this bed...

getting sleepy


No porn on the TV...

But there's a Nintendo! Bang!

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it's cold outside but warm in bed


We had fun!

[location info]

Although not quite the most popular Love Hotel, with a few props from home and the cute bath made of rock, and a cross beam that begged for hanging, we are all smiles.Mie

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what is it about lace

that drives (even sleepy) boys wild?



bubble bath time

we have tv here. wimbledon or porn.

well here's our entry


"Night mode" sure is pervy...

God alone only knows what those engineers were thinking. ; .)

Surprisingly, Ebisu does not lack for love hotels. And here I thought we lived in such a *nice* neighborhood.

hotel velare

[location info]

This time a hitech hotel in Ebisu with touch screen auto check in, straight to the room where we~re locked in until we pay up to the machine next to the door...

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the lap of luxury

...bottles of something in all the colors of the rainbow, instead of a mini-bar we've got the mini-adult-toy-store where you can buy a two-prong thingy for 2500 yen, and this time there's a porn channel. And if that doesn't get you excited there's also karoke. But the kicker is internet access on the TV...

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before bubble bath part 1

after hesitating for some time we decided for ebisu instead of shibuya. quick selection of price and off we were choosing our room. not a choice really. there was only one available. u do not c any staff here. it s mostly automated or u ll speak to them over the phone. not face 2 face.



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before bubble bath part 2

been back home for some time now but i completely passed out on my bed and i just woke up now.when we arrived at the room the number was flashing. there is a mini entrance in the room with a voice that welcomes u and a machine to pay at the checkout time. there are lighting effects in the bath and internet is provided free of charge... so i had to check out the other luvbloggers...

Before bubble bath part 3

A few other picts taken & resized with my digital camera, that i'm sending with my clie. The room is quite spacious... Akiko assured me that the duvet cover was replaced every time...


just in case we had forgotten we were in Japan, they put a vending machine in the room...

the gear

Two huge remotes, a wireless keyboard for the internet and my phone in its charger that i brought tonight just in case...

2 meter square flat screen

with a big WELCOME sign accross it. soooo... let s check out wimbledon.

make love command center legs wimbledon faces more legs


The First International Love Hotel Moblogging Conference, July 3rd 2003, Based in Tokyo, Japan.

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